HTag's demo (htag 0.82.0)

HTag is a python3 library which let you code UI interface with python, using HTML/JS/CSS rendering.

The "html rendering" can be produced in anything which can render html/js/css. HTag comes with defaults "runners", which let you try it in a browser, a pywebview, an android/apk app.

For the purpose of this demo (which itself use HTag), it uses the htagweb 0.23.0 runner, which acts like a real python http server, and can handle many sessions (users) and many tag instances.

  • On glitch, You can REMIX it, to use your own ;-)
  • On, You can FORK this example ;-)
  • For some months now, a (TRY) button let you edit/test the example in an online editor of my own (using htag/pyscript runner)
  • This tutorial will show you how it's easy to build a UI toolkit with python, and minimal html/css/js knowledgment. You can easily mix powerful python libs with powerful js libs and build powerful htag apps.